My Story

When I was kid, I was very much fascinated about computers. My dad brought me a computer when I was doing my engineering and that was the turning point in my life.

I have started with software development in VB6 then learned C, C++, Pascal and finally C# with .NET.

Now here I am with 12+ years of experience in desktop application development.

My Experience Summary

12+ years of experience in Windows desktop application development in .NET technologies such as WinForms and WPF.

Mastery in creation of loosely coupled applications and pluggable architecture (by applying Oops, SOLID principles and design patterns).

Mastery in writing VSTS test cases (and also with data driven unit test cases), this has saved countless wasted hours in manual testing.

Created extremely efficient multi-threaded application that uses 3rd party drivers to control instruments.

Lead team that successfully implemented build and smoke test automation recently using Jenkins 2.0 and Coded UI test, this has saved roughly 300 hours of yearly manual work.

Scrum master of the team that successfully delivered four releases of the product.

Successfully done performance analysis of .NET based applications on several occasions and optimized the code.

Experience in leading team of 12+ developers & testers.

Excellent leadership abilities, strong management, training, supervision skills and a team player.

Experience in creation of MSBuild scripts (and custom MSBuild tasks) for build automation purpose.

Experience in writing C# based WIX custom actions.

Experience in creation of Windows Services.

Experience in creation of managed COM interop layer of .NET components for COM components.

Mentored and trained several junior team members to get productive.

Interviewed many candidates till date for C# and .NET technology specific positions hiring.